Revolutionizing Mobile Photography with Style

Lensta is a Camera Brand with a mission of enabling the art of photography using mobile phones.

Here at Lensta believe that using phones for photography is taking over the use of cameras in numbers, popularity and relevance, and we are dedicated to power this movement and contribute to it by introducing gadgets and tools to improve the quality of mobile photography, open new camera possibilities, and make the user experience in mobile photography more robust.

We view Lensta as the millennial's gateway to mobile photography and our mission is to contribute to revolutionising the art of photography with power gadgets and style.

Lensta is was created by Product Development Agency based in Berlin, and has been working on developing Lensta lenses and accessories since 2016.

We are a well funded startup with a team that includes several gurus from the camera industry.

Lensta Products, logos, and brand are all created, owned and represented only by Lensta or its owner Mint Electronics GmbH.